Positional hud for playing Spin&Go (and analogues) tournaments, is also great for playing HU SNG tournaments. The design is in hud style from school SmartSpin.


– We provide the opportunity for a free trial period of using a hud for 1 week, please contact skype – petan2002
– Possible installments for a lifetime purchase, ask about conditions in skype
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SmartGo Hud is designed to play in Spin&Go tournaments on Pokerstars and their counterparts in other poker rooms, as well as for the play HU SnG. Hud is made in the style of Hud for PokerTracker4 from pokerschool SmartSpin.

SmartGo Hud independently switches from 3way to HU depending on the number of players at the table, without using additional software.

All the stats in the hud have standard popups with detailed blocks for sizings and ranges that can be used both during the game (through the hud) and after the game in analysis (via popups). Also in SmartGo Hud there are additional popups, they are attached to cells with an character asterisk at the end of the name – *.

Due to the capabilities of Hand2Note, the hud is made in accordance with the principle of positioning, i.e. some of its spreadsheets are displayed to opponents, depending on your and their positions in the current hand. Also, the coloring of the spreadsheets of the hud is applied depending on the position. Based on the standard colors of the positions from the tracker Hand2Note.

![Position colors](

For most effective HUD work, it is highly recommended to use additional programs that can transfer stack sizes, current hand history, etc. data. Depends on room you play it can be StarsHelper, SessionLord, 888Caption, iPokerTools and so on. The list of supported programs you can find on Hand2Note website. Using of these programms allows HUD to obtain information dynamically (while playing) about the current players stacks, it shows HUD straight from the first hand (not from the second like PokerTracker, Holdem Manager and other trackers), allows to track the history of the current hand.

SmartGo Hud automatically highlights stats for current effective stack (in 3way simply outputting the stats in bold, and in HU uses a combination of highlighting, frame and bold).

![Current stack](

Hud allows to display graphical charts (heat maps) for all statistics. On PokerStars this function is implemented in text form, in accordance with the rules of this room. Functional diagram output works in popups for all rooms without exception, which additionally allows to make an intuitive analysis of gaming sessions.

![Heat maps](

All stats in the hud have color ranges depending on the aggression – green is more tight, gray is the normal, reds are more aggressive. The config contains two versions of the hud with a bright and grinder (quiet) coloring of stat ranges.

![Color ranges](

Tables of hud and popups are open for editing – you can make changes and adjust for yourself.


*SmartGo_Modern* – Hud with positional coloring tables and with grinder color stats

*SmartGo_Modern Bright* – Hud with positional coloring tables and with bright color stats

*SmartGo SS color (+ Bright)* – Huds on request with original color scheme


Updates are free for users. Instructions for updating are in the [description](


[Description SmartGo Hud. Explanation stat cuts.](



Installation: unpack the archive to a folder …Hand2Note\Config


Regardless of how and where you purchased our hud, we will help you free to install and configure your hud with Skype or Teamviewer. We will answer any questions about the hud, we will implement individual adjustments of the hud, we will make individual stats, we will help with any problem that we are able to solve.


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